Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Protest Outside Office's Of SCCRC Glasgow

After SCCRC refused to refer my case I chained myself to their doors in protest.

My claims that they have referred cases with less grounds than mine, have thus far went un-noticed.

Scottish Criminal Cases Review C= Cover-up as i now prefer to refer to them as, are getting away with murder and can do what they want.

I complained to In-Justice Minister Jamieson about their conduct and she passed my complaints to a J Clark Pearson (Justice Department) Who sits with SCCRC and reviews policies etc etc with them, This is not compliant with section 6 of Human rights act to a fair hearing.

My complaints should have been assessed independently. Jamieson also advised me to complain to Standards Commissioner which i did to be told he could not investigate my complaints.

It beggars belief that after setting up SCCRC our country never set up any form of complaints Ombudsman or the likes to investigate Malpractice or Misconduct complaints within SCCRC.

Are they to be allowed to do what they want without any Redress?

There has already been an Judicial Enquiry with the cases of Pugh and Kane etc and mine will be the second.

SCCRC can be assured of one thing here, I am not accepting their lack of investigation into my Grounds.


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