Sunday, 21 September 2008

Lockerbie Bombers QC admits Incompetence and Negligence

Having complained to SCCRC Scottish Criminal cases Review Commission that Mr Taylor defectively represented me they failed to take account of his own words.
When i complained to The Dean Of Faculty about the conduct of Mr Taylor he said this:
At number 8 he claims not to have known about the evidence of Donald Shaw (The solicitor that conducted my ID Parade)

Page three of Taylors statement to Dean

Last page of Taylors statement to Dean of Faculty

If Mr Taylor is right then my defence was not fully put to the jury and the most crucial arguments about this evidence was never disputed in court.
Clearly this evidence was capable of casting doubt on the police evidence that i was the driver.

See The Evidence Of Shaw Here for yourself:

Shaws ID Parade Report
Shaws note on his ID Parade Report

Shaws Statement to SCCRC

Shaws Statement To Robin Johnston SCCRC

His impression was the witness knew prior to coming into the parade exactly what position i had adopted. This would have been why he wrote the above on his ID Parade report.

It also beggars the question...... Why didn't he know of this evidence if he had done his job properly then he would and should have made sure he had a statement from every witness.
This would be the actions of any competent QC doing his best to represent any accused

This witnesses evidence was crucial to my trial given i was convicted solely on Identification evidence, Why?
Because he wrote that the policeman that identified me had number two out his mouth before turning to view the parade.
Number two just happened to be an Off-Duty Poiceman, Nigel Muckle of Livingston.

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Bill Taylor QC

Bill Taylor Middle

Bill Taylor QC Middle

Latest News on Lockerbie

Ezperts call for Public Enquiry into Lockerbie: ...

Mr Taylor QC admits to not knowing of evidence at my trial (Incompetence) see below at Number 8:

Page three of Taylors statement to Dean

Last page of Taylors statement to Dean of Faculty

If he never knew of Shaw evidence he never did his job right because Shaw was cited as a witness and his ID Parade report was available here:

Shaws note on his ID Parade Report

The above even has the Lawyer writing No 11 had number 2 out his mouth without turning to view the parade.
Mr Taylor was incompetent for not calling this evidence.

Mr Taylor also claims he would not call a witness without having a statement from him.
My Solicitor never interviewed 16 of 19 of my defence witnesses and Mr Taylor and Jim Keegan Solicitr has claimed the Crown Statements would not have been available to them at the time of my trial so what evidence did Taylor take to my trial from my witnesses.

Keegans statement to SCCRC

All the above and more incriminating evidence of Taylor's incompetence can be found at the following site:

There are even letters confirming Taylor wrote to the legal aid board saying I had no grounds after he was sacked