Thursday, 20 March 2008

SCCRC Refuse To Name Insurance

Mr Kevin Dunion.Dear SirPlease find enclosed copies of two FOI requests to SCCRC which to date have been totally Ignored.I would ask that not only do you Order such Information to be released to me, but of particular interest to me is their Insurance from 2001 till 2006, when i had dealings with them.I will require their Policy Number and Group, along with their Broker.For the avoidance of doubt i do have an interest to complain.
Yours sincerelyWilliam Beck
Both requests Ignored:Mr Chris Reddick SCCRC Renfield St Glasgow
Date: 1st October 2007
Dear Mr ReddickPlease find enclosed copy of Request on 21 August 2007 of which you have yet to Address. I would advise that your reasonable timescale for answering such requests has elapsed. I must ask again, How far you have progressed my Request.

Request of 21 August 2007:

Mr Chris ReddickPlease find below my FOI request.
what insurance arrangements are in place for the SCCRC, including professional indemity for both the body and individual members and their decisions, their function.
Yours SincerelyWilliam Beck

Could you also advise of likely timescale now

Yours SincerelyWilliam Beck

Despite these requests SCCRC have never answered my FOI Request in regards to who they are insured by.

Can SCCRC get away with this?

Seems so