Tuesday, 26 June 2007


SCCRC Liars and Cover-Up Merchants

Please find enclosed link to latest you-tube video

This video is conclusive proof that SCCRC tried to cover up what my grounds were, They assured me they had sent Solicitor (Shaw) a copy of his own ID Parade report but from the video you can hear Shaw say he never saw it.

I was not afforded the same Enquiry by SCCRC that Megrahi Has. Quite the contrary It was because i was complaining about his QC that my case was covered up by SCCRC. This video exposes them for what they are "Cover-Up Merchants"


I firmly believe that my case was suppressed by SCCRC because like Shirley i have the Lockerbie link. Taylor QC they have tried to paint whiter than white.

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