Thursday, 2 April 2009

Crown Office Corruption, High Court Relents On Disclosure

In an E-Mail to Lord Advocate I asked for disclosure of witness statements and ID Parade Reports see below:

Disclosure Of Evidence‏

From: wullie beck (
Sent: 10 March 2009 18:17:28
To: ps/

FAO Lord Advocate Elish Angiolini

Dear Mrs Angiolini

An Open Letter On Disclosure

I write to you regarding Crown's reluctance over the years to disclose Pertinent and key material to allow me to appeal both to our Courts and SCCRC.

I Note Crown's practice statement along with the decisions of the Privy Council 2005 of Holland & Sinclair are contrary to what I have been told in the past.

I am seeking the release of in Particular Crown Witness's statements and ID Parade reports relating to my trial of 1982.

I also note with great interest that Holland was decided upon a "Crown Precognition" whereas I have been continually told that these were exempt from disclosure.

I consider this reluctance to be a breach of section 6 EcHR of my right to a fair hearing and wish you to act accordingly and order that these Crown documents be handed over to me to afford equality of arms.

The reluctance to reveal these documents is an obstruction of justice.

My MSP Bill Kidd has also been denied access to this information by Frank Mulholland and I trust you will deal with this matter with a view to releasing such documentation without further delay.

Lastly I have no objection to Crown Redacting the witness's details like address's but would point out I have had these since 1982 in the form of attachment to my original Indictment which can be seen here:

Yours Faithfully

William Beck

The reply I got is Oppressive considering Crown Office Concede they have a duty of disclosure see here:
Crown Reply Disclosure 20th March 09

What makes it even more Oppressive is the fact our High Court granted access to their documents in the National Archives here years ago:

High Court Grant Access to Documents

So in effect Crown Office can still refuse to hand over relevant material evidence which the Privy Council say they must disclose and the Lord Advocate Angiolini refuses to act upon it.

Scott Pattison has for years refused to release these documents saying they No Longer Exist or he has not retained any Copies of what he sent to SCCRC which is utter and pure lies but that will be another story for later

To view the above letters in larger form please use this link:

I will now take this matter to the High Court then Europe if need be, watch this space