Friday, 18 September 2009

Law Awards Scotland 2009

Yesterday saw the Law Awards Scotland kick off at the Hilton Hotel Glasgow.

It also saw Big Wullie standing again handing out his leaflets with his wife.

There was no better chance to get someone interested in your case than this event which saw Aamer Anwar and the likes taking leaflets from Wullie's wife.

People were also heard saying: Is that that "Boy Beck Again" So at least they are starting to notice.

kenny MacAskill was supposed to be there but we arrived at 7pm as it advertised to start at 7.30pm, Needless to say we missed quite a number of people who were already in and seated.

Had I had the money then I would have without doubt paid the £135 or whatever the cost was just to be able to place a leaflet on every table when they were seated.

IOt advertised a Black Tie event so I turned up with a Black Tie just in case we were chased away from the doorway Like Edinburgh University did a few months ago.

Fortunately the doorman did not object (difference between Glasgow & Edinburgh, Glasgow allows freedom of Speech) to us handing out leaflets and even posed with Big Wullie for a photo.

The highlight must be seeing Bill Aitken's face when my Wife handed him a leaflet, They have abviously heard about my case and must realise I am not going away easily.

Wonder what some spoke about at the Awards Dinner.

I even got to stand on the red carpet.