Tuesday, 14 August 2007

SCCRCs Toughest Ever Task

Gerard Sinclair Caught Flashing his Manhood.



Their Biggest or shortest depending how one looks ha ha Task.

How do they deal with someone within their ranks caught flashing ...

Will they try and cover this up as they do with most cases or will they ask the pervert to resign?

We will have to wait and see how they try to play this one eh.

My opinion is this: His actions are appalling and crude, not what one would expect from a man in his position with two daughters.

I hope he is asked in no uncertain terms to resign his post in SCCRC, His credibility, If he had any is now diminished with his actions.

Lets hope Mr MacAskill will now ask him to resign with immediate effect, Don't pass go on your way out Sinclair.

I'm also sure the likes of Stephen Hendry will not be wanting his photo associated with this carry on either.