Sunday, 22 February 2009

William Beck Still Fighting For Justice

Sunday, 15 February 2009


Gerard Sinclair Chief Executive of SCCRC has lied at the following board Meeting:

He claimed the following:

The Commission advised Mr Beck of the outcome of its investigation in June 2008,
confirming that an administrative error had resulted in him receiving the papers
containing the jury details. The Commission also advised Mr Beck at this point that
he should remove any copy of these papers from his website immediately.

Liars, They did not ask me to remove any documents from my website.

They tried to claim it was OK to release the documents as they were National Archive Documents which where in the Public domain.
Despite them knowing this was a criminal offence under section 194J of criminal procedure act (Scotland) 1995 and crime and punishemnt act (Scotland) 1997.

Despite them also knowing it might be a contempt of court to release such documents.

Their E-Mail is copied here:

(it was agreed that this information would be supplied to you given that it was a matter of public record. The Board was satisfied that their decision to agree to your request for a copy of these papers did not breach their non-disclosure requirements under s194J of the 1995 Act)

Another Lie is here :

(Mr Sinclair confirmed that the Cabinet Secretary for Justice had been fully briefed
on the matter by CJD of the matter and that the Commission’s internal procedures
had been updated following the discovery of the error in June 2008. He confirmed
that the staff member involved in the error was no longer employed by the

It Was Gerard Sinclair that released the documents yet he is informing the commission the member no longer works for SCCRC, Brilliant stuff eh ? You really couldn't make this type of stuff up

Gerard Sinclair Documents

Lastly we have Chris Reddick of SCCRC saying he asked me to remove something from my Internet site here:

(Mr Campbell asked if the jury details were still on Mr Beck’s website. Mr Reddick
confirmed that they were and that this matter had been raised directly with CJD. He
also confirmed that the Commission had also asked Mr Beck directly to remove the

Here is what reddick Said in his E-Mail but only after my second complaint was copied to Kenny MacAskill and certainly not in June 2008:

26 September 2008

September not June as suggested by Sinclair

(As you will appreciate, the Commission policy on disclosure has evolved, and continues to evolve, as relevant case law becomes more widely available. It is now the Commission’s view that S194J is no longer a defence to Data Protection legislation in its own right, which represents a change in approach)

(I am strongly of the view that it is therefore inappropriate for you to publicly disclose this information irrespective of whether the Commission has been at fault in the first instance)

Not once did anyone ask me to take any particular document down from any Website and again they try to dismiss Section 194J which makes it a criminal offence for any member of SCCRC to reveal any documents they obtain during their investigations.

Clearly SCCRC are clutching at straws and trying to keep the lid on the incompetence of their Chief Executive.

I have since taken the Jurors details down form my Flickr account out of common decency and because the articles in the press got my complaints across of the incompetence of SCCRC though they remain full of Liars.

I again reiterate : I have no issues or ill will towards any of the jury members in my case, I have more issues with the evidence the jury never heard and had they heard I am sure their 8-7 Majority verdict would have been in favour of me instaed of Crown.

Their Flashing Chief Execiutive should be sacked:

Front page Sun 14 Aug 2007 Sinclair flashing

Sinclair Of SCCRC Flashing