Monday, 2 July 2007

SCCRC Liars and Cover-Up Merchants.

Shocking Lockerbie Facts

I find it Deeply Shocking, Disturbing and Offensive that in their short statement of reasons on referring the case of Megrahi (Lockerbie Bomber) They find no fault with his Defence Team, Crown Office and those that sought to deceive us by not gathering evidence and duplicating evidence.

Most alarmingly though is their unwillingness to accept the evidence of Ex Police like the Golfer referred to and evidence that he was defectively Represented by his defence not asking Pertinent Questions nor calling Key evidence to Clear him.

SCCRC instead of enhancing Public confidence in our Judicial system does nothing but totally discredit Itself.

They referred a case of Ronald Neeson on three key witnesses (after many years keeping quiet) saying they overheard, Yes Overheard ,someone say he was to change his story.

One of these witnesses Alex Hardie SCCRC knew to have a long list of convictions for Robberies yet they put him forward as a Credible and Reliable Witness. And in Megrahi's case they find nothing like this despite ex Police coming forward with new and key evidence and it is simply rejected.

To add even further insult to SCCRC they referred the case of Jamie Orr where his Sister claimed to have overheard a conversation on a bus of one of the witnesses that gave evidence against her brother.

SCCRC saw this as enough evidence to refer his case to High Court and the High Court overturned his conviction on this flimsy evidence of his sister.

SCCRC clearly show their Loyalty to Bill Taylor QC Who was once one of their Board Members not only in the Lockerbie Case but within their statement of reasons in my own case now available on my flickr site at:

Robin Johnston who also investigated Both cases can be heard at the following Telling Blatant Lies:

To be published later is my submissions to SCCRC where everyone will see that Shaws evidence was Highlighted to Robin Johnston yet SCCRC refuse my appeal without seeking and indeed sending Shaw a copy of his own ID Parade report.

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