Tuesday, 18 September 2007

SCCRC In Conflict With Courts

The decision Of Our Court Of Appeal in the Raymond Gilmour Case.

In a nutshell.

His Misdirection in the form of what constitutes proof beyond Doubt was accepted as a Misdirection even the Advocate depute conceded this and can be seen at :

With the Exact same Judge and comment in my appeal to SCCRC i was told by Gerard Sinclair Of SCCRC this was not a Misdirection.

Quite Clearly SCCRC should have referred my case to Appeal courts on this Misdirection.

Their failure to do so adds credence to my claim that they have made Political decisions in my case because it reflects badly on William Taylor QC.

Remember he sat on the Board of SCCRC whilst they (Allegedly) investigated my Grounds of appeal which consisted of an Anderson ground against Mr Taylor.

Every aspect of my case reflects on his Bad practise and Misconduct, Certainly it can be said my whole Grounds were not before the Jury at the time of Trial.

It was also Taylor that told me he did not want to be seen to be Calling The Police Liars.

Gerard Sinclair Should resign Without delay.

Watch Flickr site for more complaints against SCCRC to Surface.


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