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SCCRC Employ Double Standards

SCCRC Employ Double Standards
George McPhee 6 Dec 2005 Case No.2005HCJAC137
The SCCRC told me i had already had an appeal despite there being no opinion available, Despite me telling them that i was dragged out of the appeal court screaming at the judges and never got finishing my arguments.
Despite me also producing letters to verify that my application to the High Court was only for leave to appeal.
Their decision here makes a laughing stock of them.

Conclusive proof if ever it was needed that SCCRC employ double standards and it is not what you are complaining about but Who you are complaing about that decides your case.

Unfortunately for me i complained of one of their Colleagues who for the avoidance of doubt was still a memebr of their board and remained on their board while they investigated my complaints of his Misconduct and Defective Representation of me, Yet he resigned when Megrahi appealed to allow SCCRC to remain Independent and Impartial of both the defence and crown aspects of the case.
Taylor Resigns from SCCRC

Again conclusive proof of double standards within SCCRC.

With only there not being any decision, in this McPhee case they refer it saying: We infer from such records as there are that the appeal was refused in "Summary Fashion"

[23] There was an appeal on the grounds that the verdict was perverse and unreasonable and that the trial judge misdirected the jury. The appeal was heard on 24 June 1986 and refused. The case is not reported. There is no Opinion of the Court in the records of Justiciary Office. We infer from such records as there are that the appeal was refused in summary fashion.

McPhee's appeal can be found here:

What I was told by SCCRC can be found here:

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