Saturday, 16 August 2008

SCCRC Say, It's OK To Reveal Jurors Names & Addresses

Having complained to Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission (SCCRC) about their Chief Executive revealing Jurors Names and Addresses to me they have now claimed this was OK as it was in the public domain being held by National Archives of Scotland.

Their answer is here:

From a review of the case history I note papers were requested from the National Archive of Scotland initially by yourself and subsequently by Mr Hanlon upon your instruction. From the case history it would appear that these papers included the list of jurors which you refer to. This information has come directly from the National Archive of Scotland, and following consideration from the Board, it was agreed that this information would be supplied to you given that it was a matter of public record. The Board was satisfied that their decision to agree to your request for a copy of these papers did not breach their non-disclosure requirements under s194J of the 1995 Act.

I did not initially ask National Archives for documents, I did this after they refused to refer my case.

National Archives told me these documents were closed for 75 years from the date of creation and did not reveal the minutes of the trial to me.

I have this in writing from National Archives along with some details of what documents were sent to SCCRC regarding my case which will be revealed soon.

So do National Archives reveal Jurors Names and Addresses on a regular basis ?

I do not think so

Alarming if you ask me and very off-puting for potential Jurors.

Does this mean Jurors in murder trials details are available in National Archives for any member of the public to see ? (Only according to SCCRC)

Since they are in the public domain according to SCCRC then there is no problem with me publishing them on my blog and elsewhere.

Here they are reinstated with sanction from SCCRC:

Names and addresses of Jury

Names and addresses of Jury 2.

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