Sunday, 7 June 2009

Kenny MacAskill Refuses To Review SCCRC

Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill has denied Bill Kidd a member of his own party a two minute interview and refused point blank to investigate the many issues raised by Bill Kidd and myself over the years about the conduct of SCCRC and their lack of consistency in their cases they refer and do not refer.

They can refer cases on the evidence of convicted criminals but reject others with Independent and Impartial witness's Ref to Neeson & The Fernieside three.

They can refuse to interview a single witness before coming to a conclusion in a case, Ref To: Milne.

They can refuse to commission independent experts reports in some case and not in others despite the same Expert later backing these cases, Ref To: Beck, Gage and Megrahi.

Mr MacAskill makes no mention of the many issues raised in my 11 page dossier hence the reason for handing it directly to him during the SCCRC conference.

His reply below and at the bottom of the page was before and after seeing my dossier respecfully.

Reply to MSP Bill Kidd's letter here:

Letter From MacAskill To Bill Kidd

Letter From MacAskill To Bill Kidd page 2

Reply after reading 11 Page Dossier:

Reply From Kenny MacAskill Re SCCRC Dossier

Reply From Kenny MacAskill SCCRC Dossier Page 2

Not a single issue raised is answered by Kenny MacAskill's secretary above which shows his contempt and unwillingness to investigate matters of Justice.

Resign Mr MacAskill in disgrace, you are an affront to decent people and a shocking excuse for a Justice Secretary.

Your loyalty to the Law Society sticks out a mile

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