Thursday, 6 March 2014

I was granted legal aid to proceed to the Supreme Court with an action against the Lord Advocate who failed to appear at my Nobile Officium appeal to deny me the opportunity of raising a devolution issue.

Legal aid was perversely postponed the minute SCCRC referred my case back to the appeal court saying the following:
It was my contention that the Legal Aid Board had got this wrong because they were entirely separate issues and I wanted my Lawyer Kevin McCarron to take a judicial review of SLAB which he failed to do.

After the appeal court rejected my appeal I asked Kevin McCarron to resurrect this appeal to the Supreme Court and despite his opinion I would be able to do this after my appeal he turned round and told me he would not take this issue forward because I now have no remedy despite the opinion of counsel the lord advocate breached my right to a fair hearing.

Needless to say he (Kevin McCarron) is no longer involved with my case.

It is my opinion now Kevin McCarron was part of an attempt to destroy my chances of going to the Supreme Court with this issue because it shows the court and not the Lord Advocate breached my right to a fair hearing by telling the Crown not to appear which is evident from the first paragraph of the judgement where they admit:

The Lord Advocate is not, so far, a party to these proceedings and has not been invited to address the court on the issue of competency or on any other issue.

This proves the court was not Independent nor Impartial because they had no right to give advice to any party and certainly had no right to advise any party not to appear.

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William Beck said...

What chance do you have of winning appeals when the court are telling Crown not to appear to stop you raising a Human Rights Issue ?