Friday, 12 October 2007

Lockerbie Bombers QC Is A Liar

Mr Taylor QC defended me in 1982 on a charge of Assault & Robbery.
The solicitor that conducted my ID Parade noted witness No 11 had Number 2 out his mouth without turning to view the parade which can be seen here:

His statement to SCCRC in this regard can be seen here:

Mr taylor told me in 1982 that the reason he did not call Shaws Evidence was because he did not want to be seen to be calling the Police Liars.
I went ape and sacked him and Keegan, Though Mr Taylor now has no memory of ever being sacked now.

When my grounds were reviewed by SCCRC Mr Taylor sat on their Board.

He has now tried to convince SCCRC that he did not Know Of The Lawyers Evidence and he averred this to The Dean Of Faculty also, which can be found here: At No 8,

Mr Taylor is a Liar.

It should be noted here also that: SCCRC never asked Mr Keegan about this ID Parade Report from Shaw, nor why Taylor never called Shaws Evidence.
Though Mr Taylor has been quoted as saying:
It Would certainly Raise A Large Question Mark Of Muckles Evidence (The Police That Identified Me)
So Why did Taylor not call the Evidence of Solicitor Shaw?

Mr Taylor also said to the Dean of faculty: That he has never called a witness without the Accused persons Permission and any witness who were or were'nt called would have been done so with My and Keegans involvement, SCCRC Accepted this as Gospel without Asking Myself or Keegan.
As a result of my complaining to Law society Mr Keegan now says:
At the bottom paragraph That it was Mr taylor who decided which witnesses to call and not to call.

Keegans statement to Law Society

Clearly Counsel Exercised that approach in the Beck trial is his words.
SCCRC did not question this and again took Taylors word as Gospel.

Mr taylor has done nothing but try and cover his Rs for the mistakes he made in my case.
SCCRC has colluded with Taylor to do so by not sending Shaw a copy of his own ID Parade Report when assuring me they had listen to the following and decide yourself:

Please leave your comments here after viewing and say if you think Taylor is a Liar..........

Page three of Taylors statement to Dean

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