Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Shocking SCCRC Findings

I told SCCRC that i was arrested on another charge this is backed by the Arresting officers statements.
Because i was arrested for another charge with no Warrant for Assault & Robbery, I claimed: Any items taken from my house for the other charge Should and Could not be used to support any Robbery charge, Certainly at the time the Law Was Quite Clear on these issues: If it was not related to the warrant it could not be used as productions for other charges.

SCCRC refused to even check if the Warrant used to arrest me was a Search warrant or arrest Warrant.
The police when they entered my house at 31 Barlanark place Glasgow Never showed anyone in the house the Warrant.
When i asked to see it, The paper was flashed in front of me.

Regardless of all this, The Police statements "support what i was saying" I was arrested on a Warrant for another charge so Police had no warrant to search my house.
Maybe the SCCRC could have checked with Crown or the Arresting officers, Would this have been too much to ask them to do. (After All, It took them three years to give me an answer)

SCCRC are the biggest bunch of Cowboys i have ever come across in my entire life.
They are not investigating proper Legal Grounds of Appeal but looking at cases to see how they can Uphold the Convictions.

All documents will be linked later

Wullie Beck

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