Friday, 1 February 2008

Lockerbie Investigator Misleads SCCRC

Robin Johnston Of SCCRC

Robin Johnston Of SCCRC above, Assured me he had sent Donald Shaw "Solicitor" a copy of his own ID Parade Report (Which was essential in refreshing his memory ofter 23 years)
When i phoned Donald Shaw and enquired if he had seen his own report he said quite clearly he hadn't.
Indeed SCCRC never actually sent Shaw his own report until i submitted a copy of the recorded telephone call, which i must add was well after they had concluded my appeal to them.

Mr Johnston and Shaws calls can be heard here:

Where quite clearly it was put to Mr Johnston a number of times asking was he shown his own ID Parade Report.
What Mr Johnston sent to Donald Shaw was documents that meant absolutely nothing to him ie: My charge sheet, Police ID Parade Report (Which was 100 pages, as apposed to his two page report) and the Judges Charge to the Jury.
All documents he had never seen as his only part in my case was to attend my ID Parade.

I am puzzled as to why the man that investigated Campbell and Steele's case was so misleading in my own .

I would at this stage also point out that after i submitted my further submissions in January 2004 Mr Johnston was taken off my case and i was allocated a new Legal officer, A rare event as once a legal officer is allocated to a case they must see it through to the end.

I did complain of him in my further submissions and even told SCCRC that he hadn't sent Shaw his own ID Parade, Gerard Sinclair,

Front page Sun 14 Aug 2007 Sinclair flashing

The Cheif Executive did not like being told this and refused further to send this to Shaw and like i said it was only sent after they had concluded my case.
I wonder if all members on the board were aware of this fact.

Proof that SCCRC where aware of the fact Shaw should have been sent a copy of his own ID Parade Report can be found in their statement of reason here at page 11:

Martin & Muckle Second ID Parade

So Why did they not send this to him until after they had concluded my case and only after i submitted a copy of the tape recording as proof that Johnston had assured me this had been done as heard above on you-tube?

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