Sunday, 24 June 2007

Blatant Anderson Appeal

The following i posted on our Forums today.

Re, Lockerbie Decision By SCCRC

As i have said for a long time SCCRC took three years to investigate my case which only lasted two days at trial.

They only interviewed a handful of witnesses and refused point blank to hear new witness evidence.

They refused to answer me when i claimed my defence team were negligent for the following Reasons:

1. They never interviewed 16 defence witnesses Before during or since my trial.

2. They never called Crucial Crown Evidence saying the driver was forty years old with brown hair and moustache.

3. They never called crucial key Forensic Evidence.

4. They never answered me in my Muldoon Argument in regards to Ashfords evidence.

5. They agreed the judge misdirected my Jury and still refused to refer my case.

6. They agreed what happened at my ID Parade was not acceptable by today's standards. But still refused to apply their Current Law Policy and refused still to refer my appeal.

7.They refused to interview my brother who told Keegan he had brought one of the hammers to my house only the night before i was arrested, My defence team failed to see the significance of this evidence and did not call it at trial.

8. They assured me they had sent Shaw a copy of his own ID Parade report which said the police had identified me without turning to view Parade. Shaw has said he never seen it and only after i produced a copy of the tape did they send this to Shaw. Which was after they had concluded my appeal and decided not to refer.

Mr Shaw has now told SCCRC that his big Impression was that the policeman knew prior to coming into the parade room exactly which position i had adopted.

Still the SCCRC refuse to refer my case.

What more do they need?

Cases like Kidd And Gair referred on only one statement being withheld by Crown and even in the Gair case it was agreed there was still sufficient evidence from two police to allow the conviction to stand The appeal was allowed. Shocking.

SCCRC had argued that there was a discrepancy given in the height by the two police
Yet in my case the evidence withheld states the driver was forty when i was only twenty and i had black hair and never had Moustache either. SCCRC do not agree this was an arguable point.

I firmly believe it's not what you know it's who you know in SCCRC and it depends on who you are complaining of.

I also firmly believed when i put my application into SCCRC that they were never going to allow my appeal as it Discredits the Competence of Taylor who went on to Get Megrahi Found Guilty too.

Taylor i feel SCCRC wanted to remain Whiter than white. I had no chance when Taylor still sat on the Board of SCCRC whilst my case was investigated yet resigned to allow them to remain Independent and Impartial in Investigating Megrahi's appeal.

There are supporting documents for all my claims on the following flickr site which i will link.

In all that i have said above makes me fear for Megrahi. His life is in the hands of Incompetent and negligent Imbeciles who can do and say what they want without redress.

There is absolutely no one to whom you can complain about their conduct.

I see on their web site that this Megrahi Decision is at the moment over 800 pages, my god there is usually only about four when referring a case.

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