Thursday, 28 June 2007

SCCRC Liars And Cover-Up Merchants

Megrahi Appeal Cover-up I have never read so much Bull in my life as what SCCRC have found.

No evidence Fabricated No evidence Missing No witnesses told lies No adverse findings at-all.

Not surprised it was Robin Johnston that found all these facts, The same Robin Johnston that is on my latest video (Voice Recording) You Tube.

The same man that lied to me after i repeatedly asked him if he had sent shaw a copy of his own ID Parade report, Which was only sent to shaw after i complained about Robin Johnston and WHICH was after they had concluded my case. Hear the tape now:

I am afraid to say I predicted such outcome at 4.15 am last night and posted such on the Scotsman below.

Lets face it we all knew SCCRC would not find any adverse findings against:

Crown Office: Lyndsey Anderson, whom they sit with and discuss policies etc.

High Court: Tom Higgins, Appeals Manager, Who They also sit with and discuss policies

Justice Department: Clark Pearson who also sits to discuss policies

And lest we not forget Strathclyde Police Jannette Joyce who also sits with SCCRC to discuss.......................... "Yes policies"

The SCCRC do not look independently at cases at-all they infact look with the blinkered view of how they can UPHOLD any and every conviction. Some cases are fully investigated whilst others are simply cast aside and not even answered.

Three Key parts of my own trial are

1. Forensic evidence not called at trial "Defective Representation" SCCRC have never answered me on this issue?

2. David Livingstone said the driver was forty with Brown Hair and a moustache. I was identified twice but was only twenty with black hair and no moustache. My defence i claimed had this evidence at the time of my trial and never called it. I of course did not find out about him until Keegan handed me all my case papers to conduct Appeal. SCCRC never seen this as new evidence and rejected this to cover Taylor's Defective representation of me

3. Like Gauci The other witness to identify me (Ashford)His evidence he contradicted Himself and Taylor at the time even tried to use Muldoon at trial. The trial Judge said his evidence was not reliable and Robin Johnston Blanked this out but i managed to get an old copy from Arnott McWhinnie (Reporter) Which i had given to him ten years or so earlier and Bobin Robin was not allowed to blank this out( If that was not suspect then nothing was ) This was why i taped phone calls with SCCRC. like Above.

Any way there are other crown witnesses who never gave evidence, and had they, their evidence would also have contradicted Ashfords but between his evidence and the charge to Jury and his statement are all contradictory, SCCRC found nothing adverse about this. He said in court he was round the corner and saw car coming towards him and pass him, Nothing suspicious and nothing to attract his attention to it but he wrote down the number. All the other witnesses said he ran into Raeburn Rigg, and his own statement now says he ran into Raeburn Rigg and someone was shouting to stop the car. Material changes from the evidence lead in court Yet SCCRC found nothing adverse in this either.

See prediction on Scotsman last night. 4:15am 28 Jun 2007 Allegations of Collusion and fabrication of evidence will not be found to be true. SCCRC recieve a large number of defective representation grounds of Appeal and as yet have still to find in favour of any of them.

Im Sure a FOI request will provide the exact amount?

I think if anything Megrahi will win his appeal on new evidence and this will allow our Courts to not even have to look at the Defective representations etc etc.

There is one drawback though: When the SCCRC refer a case back to appeal the Applicant can then.

1. Ask that old grounds be re-considered even though they were argued before.

2. Ask for any ground to be considered not only the ones upon which SCCRC has referred the Appeal.

3. Lodge any ground he feels SCCRC has omitted. Their only task is to consider if they think a Miscarriage has occurred and if so refer the case. They have no further part to play.

Some cases have waited up to 7 years once SCCRC have referred before actually being heard at appeal (Stuart Gair)

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