Sunday, 24 June 2007

Lockerbie Appeal To SCCRC

Having appealed to these cowboys myself since 2001 & having produced more evidence than some cases they have referred, I have real fears that the Lockerbie appeal will be another whitewash to cover up all the collusion between Brittain and America to frame Libya, (Not Just Megrahi).

I really dont think the decision, is to be what everyone expects, in the face of the evidence produced.

SCCRC will i know for sure do everything in it's power to hide and Incompetence's within Scotlands Legal Justiciary.

They do not look at cases indepently, They look Politically. And what better case is there for them Politically than this one?

I fear though that the huge amount of pressure heaped upon them by our Justiciary and Government interventions will rob Megrahi of the fair hearing he Craves.

If Megrahi is set free it would seem that Scotland would have to pay back £1.4bn in compensation that Libya has already paid out

Clearly Megrahi's defence team Knew of evidence which would have cleared him yet they never called it and went to trial without contradictory evidence.

Clearly his defence team have many questions to answer, Though in this regard i doubt if SCCRC will have asked them Vital Questions, as they did with my own case, and SCCRC will not find any fault with Taylor QC who once was one of their own Members.

It would seem that in my own case it has now emerged that SCCRC can Interview witnesses and insert their own Interpretation of what these witnesses are in actual fact saying. see:

Mr Keegan and the Law Society agree that SCCRC when they took a statement from Keegan the Author was mistaken.

Keegan is now claiming his statement to SCCRC is at best, only one persons interpretation of what he said at:

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