Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Can SCCRC Defectively Represent Appellants

Can SCCRC Defectively Represent Appellants

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Post subject: Can SCCRC Defectively Represent Appellants

It has come to my attention that in a couple of cases SCCRC have asked for expert opinions. Expert Identification Evidence. Until these cases are dealt with i will not mention them in name. They are cases in which Identification was the main issue and very high profile. Are SCCRC only asking for reports in high profile case and not others ? and if so does this not amount to defectice representation and selective Justice. For the avoidance of doubt i do have an opinion (In my favour) from the same expert that SCCRC have already used in another (at least one very high profile) Case Why then did SCCRC not ask this very same expert for an opinion in my case ? Are SCCRC being selective in order to save funds ? Are SCCRC being selective to save Colleagues ? ie Taylor QC who sat on their Commission ? Are SCCRC being allowed to pick and choose who gets access to justice ? These are serious questions which need answering so if you are watching Mr Sinclair from SCCRC perhaps you might wish to take me up on my offer and answer the above questions

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