Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Past And Present Addresses For Crown Witnesses

Since Crown Office have sought to rely on Data protection and Public Interest tests to refuse to hand over important documents relevant to my appeal please find below the names and addresses of (past and present) of the two main witnesses at my trial:

Police Constable "Nigel Muckle" from Livingston Police Station:

Past Address. 35 Raeburn Rigg, Livingston, West Lothian.

Present Address. 148 Maryfield Park, Mid Calder, West Lothian. EH5 OSD

Second most important Witness "Kenneth Ashford", Chemist:

Past Address. 3 Sandilands Drive, Mid Calder, West Lothian.

Present Address. 32 Ochiltree Cres, Mid Calder, West Lothian. EH53 ORT

For the avoidance of any doubt these are available for anyone to view on the Voters Roll at your local library.

Is it possible i have the names and current addresses of all the witnesses in my case ?

Anything is possible Via a PC

Watch this space and see what else can be revealed about you

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