Friday, 25 April 2008

Disclosure Policy Crown Office Elish Angiolini

This is dedicated to those fighting for disclosure in Scottish Courts: Quite clearly when these three from Crown office Angiolini,Brisbane and Pattison all gave evidence to Justice one on 31/05/2006 they were well aware of the need for early disclosure in criminal trials. Despite them all being aware of it and at some stage being involved in the Crowns reluctance to release documents to me they all admit it should be done in early course with a copy of the original charge sheet.

Why then are cases clogging up our court service and being denied by the courts despite these videos showing Crown Concede on disclosure. For evidence of cases still asking for disclosure see the following link: McDonald and Dixon were refused when clearly below Crown Admit they should disclose all material. Why are our courts still being clogged with these commission and diligence cases ?

My god if Rebus is right and there are ulterior motives like Crown Upset at my disclosure stance then i am doomed now eh?

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